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time-2-1038x576My name is Marija and I am a Team Leader for "GDI Team Elite".

First I'll tell you a little about who we are...
Most of us have joined GDI or other Network opportunities
under some "gurus" system that promises the world but is generally lacking in helping the average person succeed. 

Normally they have some expensive marketing system that
THEY make money from for you to join but after weeks or
months of paying and promoting a generic affiliate page,
the new person has lost money and received a few results.

The "guru" is so busy recruiting for THEMSELVES that they
don't provide support for their own lines and eventually people give up and quit. The only person that makes any
money is the "guru"!

We reject that (10)

Now, I would like you to play with some numbers.

Go to the GDI Income Calculator.

Statistically, the average marketer recruits 2 people. That's just a fact.
So Plug "2" in "# of People You May Recruit"
Plug "2" in "# of people they will refer"
That would give you a monthly income of $62.....hmmm...less than impressive.

Now plug "6" into both fields......$9,330 per MONTH!
Now THAT is a liveable income and is the goal for

"Well that is all fine and dandy, but how can that be accomplished?'

By doing something very few (if any) marketers have done before.

First of all, we promote GDI using a system of collective advertising
where a Group of 6 or more people all advertise for a single individual.
Each person uses 100 credits in each of 6 traffic exchanges per day
for a total per day of 3600 credits all advertising a single person.
When that person gets 6 recruits  he stops accepting new sign-ups for
himself and instead focuses on signing up 6 for each of his 6.

Of course, the exact formula and instructions remain confidential until
you are an active part of our (12)

Does it work? Absolutely! 36-48 traffic exchanges and 3600-4800 credits per day will result in 6 sign ups in a very short period of time. 

Why do we only get 6? Go back up to the GDI Calculator above and plugin 6 and 6 again. Each member can make $9330 per month by only having 6 on their front line, then helping those 6 get 6, and so on.
And how long does it take? That is impossible to say. Anyone that tells
you that you will make X amount of dollars in X amount of time
is purely guessing.....What if it takes a year? Or 2 years?
Would you be willing to work cooperatively with 6-8 people for a 6-figure income?

I CAN guarantee you it will happen a LOT quicker with our Team than
on your own!
 Or the giant Teams all promoting a rotator.

Think it takes longer to climb a 50-100 rung ladder....or a 6-12 rung ladder?

Our Team has qualified members for the GDI Leader Board
and a $100 Bonus! They have received their 6 members
in 7 days or less......You could be next!


There is NO CHARGE to be a member of our Team!
Your only expense is the $10 monthly GDI subscription.
With the growth we are experiencing, you should be
making more than that in 8-12 weeks and after that
your income will increase exponentially!

Already in GDI but going nowhere? Get back to me and I'll be happy to send you the info on what others have done in your situation.

In the short term, GDI will allow you to sign up a spouse.

Their rules state "one account per individual"

If you are tired of "going it alone" and understand that you help yourself by helping others, then email us back and let us know you are ready to join with us and we will provide you with the sign-up link for the person that is currently being promoted.

simply send an email here:

with the Subject: Send me the Link!images (13)

If you have more questions, email us and we will gladly answer them.

We are having fun and we are having success!
We hope you will join us and experience the same!

To Your Success!



Join GDI TEAM ELITE, you can relax a little as you are guided through step-by-step ways to make money from home. You can build your own home-based business to how big you want it, working from as little as one or two hours a day doing something you love!

The most common ways our members make money online from home with GDI

  • GDI’s global affiliate program – earn 10% commission on the revenue from five levels down.
  •  Writing a blog on something you are passionate about, buildup followers. You can host up to 5 sites.
  •  Advertise on your blog or website with Adsense or other affiliate offers, drive traffic to them over time.
  •  Have a giveaway on your site related to your content, collect email addresses and build your list.

Earn online from home with your own Website

One of the best ways to make money from home is by promoting whatever you want with a do-it-yourself website. For a low monthly $10 payment, GDI provides you with your own domain –, a site builder, emails – 10 addresses per domain, and WordPress blogs and site-building tools so you can create a perfect website for showing off your product or offers.

The site that you create with GDI can be used to promote any affiliate program or service you belong to. Or you could choose to use your site to build something like this one. You can then join the affiliate program and then have your new site work in conjunction with GDI’s advertising system to get your affiliate program noticed and get started building yourself a substantial longterm residual income. Or.. you can even do both!

Many of our team members have an interest in building their own sites, and so in the future, we will have access to more video ‘how-to’s’ to assist everyone in learning the basics of site building and to encourage them to share what they have learned with newer.

How to earn money online as an affiliate?

One of the best ways to earn money online is by joining GDI’s affiliate program as a member of GDI Team Elite. You are automatically entered into Team Elite when you have completed signup from any of the links on this page. You can join for a seven-day free trial and after that, it is a low fee of $10 per month for your domain, the ability to build and host websites and blogs, email addresses etc – and the affiliate program is free to take part in. FREE-7-day-trial

Why earn online with GDI Team Elite?

The affiliate program is an excellent choice as a home based business opportunity and will allow you to build up solid income over time. If you are just looking to quickly earn money online, this won’t happen overnight. It does take some effort in marketing it by yourself unless you have a website like this already set up to help you. Even then, you will need to know a little about how to drive traffic to your GDI site or replicated pages. What works and what doesn’t.

This where the experience of Team Elite comes in. We have been doing this for quite some time and have gained a lot of knowledge that you can use to help you get moving quickly. We teach you how to get that needed traffic by various different means that we know from experience work. We work in small teams of around six people and use the power of collective marketing to promote our links and build our downlines.

Does GDI do the selling for you?

Global Domains offer many free professional videos, that are very good at doing the selling for you. So even if you decide to promote a different company with your website, no problem. GDI can still help you make money from home as an affiliate. You can simply put a GDI banner or link on your site to one of their many high converting landing pages or video signup pages which will bring in new prospects for you.

As your new site continues to grow in ranking, it will begin to generate free prospects each week for you automatically. With all of the resources that GDI has available, it is a case of it taking a little more of your time initially to get things set up but not so much later on.

Through the affiliate business, you are able to link right to a free GDI replicated site that is embedded with your referral ID. It does the selling for you, continuously promoting 24/7 on autopilot after initial setup!

Take control of your future by taking advantage of GDI’s Internet address for life and complete web start package.

Experienced at making money online already?

Perhaps you are someone who has some experience with internet marketing already and is looking for other ways to make extra money.

Well did you know that with Global Domains International (GDI) you can earn an unlimited number of $100 BONUSES each week by simply referring five new confirmed affiliates in a 7-DAY contest period?
That’s right, you read it correctly! Every 5 paid affiliates you refer in a one week period will earn you a $100 cash bonus. There is no limit to this! For example, if you are a real go-getter and can refer 25 new paid affiliates in one week, you’ll earn a $500 bonus!



Dear Friends,

Is your internet business ruining your life?

Believe me, I know what it's like.

There's nothing more stressful than wondering if you are going to have to give up on your dream of self-employment.

You know it is possible, but it seems so hard to accomplish.

How does everyone online make it look so easy, but you struggle so much? Are you just not cut out for this online business thing?

To make sure this doesn't happen to you, you need to check the link below

I want to present to you today the company which is one of the most exciting and profitable on the internet.

If you want results, then Try GDI TE is the way to get them.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so, join GDI TE today.

See you on the inside!


Online Business-Managing Your Life When You Work From Home!

Now that my system is set up, all I have to do is check that my affiliate partners are sending me cash, suggest the odd joint venture to a partner, and stay in touch with my customers. I rarely spend more than three hours in front of my computer each day.

But it wasn’t always like that. It took a lot of effort and a lot of work to get into the position I,m in now. When I first started, it was a bit of a struggle to organize myself. My first website took ages to launch and while the other ones went up quickly, my family went for days without seeing me.

Let,s be frank, if you don’t set up your business properly right at the beginning, you’re going to make your life much harder-and your income much lower.

The problem is that until now, you’ve always thought of your home as a place to relax and the office as a place to focus and work. Now you’re going to have to focus at home-and that’s not an easy shift to make. You need to keep the same rhythm and the same kind of discipline you had when you had to commute every morning.

Every morning as people wake up and make the commute to work, many dreams of the day when they will finally work for themselves.
Every time the boss lets someone know that they must give up their weekend plans for the good of the company, people contemplate the benefits of being the owner of their own business.

Are you one of these people?

If you are, it is important to ask yourself some very important questions before you make the uncertain leap into self-employment.
Many dreams of the benefits of home business ownership, but few take into account the sacrifices that must be made to bring the dream to fruition. Please don’t make this mistake yourself.
You must approach home business ownership with your eyes wide open. Ask yourself the important questions, and more importantly, answer your own questions openly and honestly.


Self-motivation is the key to success when you start a home-based business.
You need to possess the ability to push yourself ahead. Your drive and determination will be reinforced
with every new sale. The level of success that you will achieve greatly depends on the time and effort you are willing to plow into your new home business. Your organization, planning and marketing skills, will all be put into practice when you embark on your liberating the journey from employee, to being your own boss. In fact, you will be the wearer of many hats and gain a wealth of business experience along the way, when you finally make that commitment to work at home.


You will now be the boss. Are you truly able to work independently? Do you have the drive; the tenacity, to persevere with your home based business? You can  Try with GDI -home business. When you work at home, it will empower you to achieve many things you were unable to do when you working fort hat tyrant boss. Remember him? He’s the guy that wouldn’t let you take time off when your baby was sick…the same guy that called you into work on Thanksgiving Day. A home business with GDI means that you can take good care of your family and make money from home, simultaneously. You will have the best of both worlds! Just think–no more dirty laundry piling up—you can do it while you work. No more scurrying around at the last minute searching for a babysitter either. And no more worrying about getting fired; you’ll be the boss!

Stay positive and focused on your home-based business, even if, when sales aren’t up to par, you get occasional negative remarks or derogatory comments from people with stuffy, dead-end jobs. Ignore their cutting words and bear in mind that success is the best revenge! Keep your admirable, positive attitude at the forefront and show them what you’re made of!


GDI-Home Business Opportunity !

Dear Frend,

You aren’t going to make money just by joining a program, getting a website and doing nothing.

But there ARE great opportunities for entrepreneurs who are serious about building a profitable online enterprise.

I have found a wonderful home business opportunity that provides you with all the training
you need to be successful.
download (2)
And even better, the training is FREE!

Along with the free training you are provided with both a sponsor and a co-sponsor who will work with you to answer your questions and provide guidance to grow your business to success!

Being an entrepreneur can be fun, intoxicating, and very lucrative, but don’t join us if you’re not willing to invest some time and effort.

If you are willing to work I would love to have you join my team

With Our Help You will Get:

6 Paid Members in Your Downline

FREE Team Leadership Training

Active, Knowledgeable Sponsors

FREE Collective Advertising System

Our team works together to build downlines

for each and every member!

Friends in business,
Marija Trimcheska


Would you like your business to earn more?

Would you like your business to earn more? Of course, you do!

When you learn how to increase net profit, your business will have more money after expenses and become more stable.

How to increase net profit?make-money-online

Net profit is the money your business earns after subtracting business expenses. You measure net profit over a certain period of time, such as a month or quarter.

The greater your net profit, the more profitable your business is. So, you should want to increase your net profits.

You can use a simple formula to calculate net profit.

Types of business expenses include items such as rent, utilities, employee wages, and interest on loans.

Gross profit is revenue minus the cost of goods sold.

The net profit formula shows how you can increase net profits. You must either increase gross profits or decrease expenses.

Here are practical ways to increase net profits.

It might seem difficult to reduce utilities, but there are ways to do it.

Try reducing your utility use. You might find ways to limit power, gas, or water consumption. Try turning down heating and cooling outside of business hours.

You might be able to downgrade your utility subscriptions. For example, you might downgrade your phone, internet, and reuse plans. Make sure your utilities cover enough to keep your business functional, but not too much that you’re wasting money.

Ask about better payment rates. Sometimes you can get better rates if you get a business plan or commit to a contract.

You might be able to save money on your insurance premiums.

Look at your insurance plans and look for coverage you don’t need. For example, you might be paying to cover equipment that you don’t have. Call your insurance agency to see if you can eliminate unnecessary coverage to reduce rates.

Try to find insurance discounts and shop around. Some insurance carriers will give you better quotes and discounts. If you’ve had no or few claims, you might be able to find lower rates.

You might be able to reduce business expenses by reducing your labor costs.

You can reduce the hour’s employees work, particularly over time. Overtime can be expensive because it is time and a half the employee’s regular rate of pay. Schedule employees so you don’t have unnecessary employees at work or employees working extra.

When possible, consolidate employee tasks. See if employees can take on more tasks before you hire more workers.

When possible, use workers on a contract basis. These workers only work for you for a short time. Just make sure you don’t misclassify employees as contractors, as this can lead to fines, penalties, and back pay.

Look for ways to limit operational costs, such as office supplies and repair service calls.

Try buying common items in bulk to receive reduced pricing. Buying wholesale for business owners can significantly reduce your monthly expenses. Also, see if your vendors will give you discounts for paying bills early.

Find cheaper ways to do administrative tasks. For example, you might be able to use cheap payroll software for small business to run payroll.

You aren’t limited to only reducing expenses to increase your net profit. You can also increase how much revenue your business brings in.

Find ways to sell more of your products or services. Research ways to better advertise to your target customers.

You might also try decreasing your prices or running sales to attract more customers. A reduced price might put your items at a better price point for more people, encouraging more long-term revenue. Sales encourage impulse buys and pull in people who want to try your product or service before paying full price.

Even though you might reduce your prices or spend more on advertising, you can still increase your net profit. As long as you sell more, you might be able to cover the loss and still increase revenue.

Start improving your business’s financial health. Use Your own site, your own ezine, your own autoresponder, ad tracker, a proven mentoring program, tons of support, REAL products people want and more! Sound good? It IS! And it can be yours starting today simply by following 3 easy steps found here: to track your profits and expenses.