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A “Done For You” Income System That Turns Traffic Into Sales!

Have you noticed that it gets harder and harder to get signup or sale in online marketing? I am certain that you have because it has been going on for quite a while.

The reality is that to get results today, you have to have a more complicated process to convince a prospect to buy. 80% of the sales in any promotion happen between the 8th and 20th time that you make contact with the prospect. Almost no one just buys from the sales page anymore.

That is a big challenge for a beginning online marketer because it takes training and experience to craft an email series that actually motivates people to buy.

That is why I recommend that you get on the Pre-Launch Early Bird list for a new program starting in May called Your Success Advantage. This program was designed to do all of the "hard" parts of online marketing for you.

You just send high-quality traffic to the lead capture pages. They convert your traffic into prospects and then the back-end system turns prospects into buyers ... in dozens of online programs where you can earn an income.

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The Traffic Multiplier HIGH-CONVERTING Proven Sales Funnel!

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Traffic Multiplier is a unique traffic generation software and training package.


Inside Traffic Multiplier, members will receive step-by-step video training that covers traffic, lead generation, and ONGOING profits. The Traffic Multiplier system teaches your subscribers how to create TWO lists in one!

In addition to generating and capturing leads on TWO lists, Traffic Multiplier takes things one step further and details how you can generate sales and retarget this audience even if they DON’T opt-in!

This is what we call TRIPLE THREAT TRAFFIC!

This system gets you both email subscribers AND pushes notification leads so you can connect with your audience in multiple ways to profit. With our INSTANT monetization methods, Traffic Multiplier lets you profit from your new leads the minute they subscribe.

All the software users need to deploy these methods are included in the Traffic Multiplier package. Forget paying ridiculous monthly fees for over-priced software.

We’ve found and tested “FREE” solutions that can generate LEADS & SALES without paying a dime upfront!

Traffic Multiplier will help you generate leads, follow up with your leads and make sales on complete autopilot!mix3

This is a 100% never-before-seen traffic solution.

Why You Will LOVE This Epic System...

  • Unique Traffic Multiplier Method - step-by-step video training covers traffic, lead generation, and ONGOING profits
  • Create TWO Lists In One - this system gets you both email subscribers AND push notification leads … so you can connect with your audience in multiple ways to multiply profits
  • INSTANT Monetization - this brand new method lets you profit from new leads the moment they subscribe
  • ULTIMATE ROI - most campaigns ‘leak’ traffic, which costs you money. We’ll show you how to follow-up with visitors that don’t option the 1st time, to get even MORE subscribers on your list for the lowest possible cost
  • UNLIMITED SCALING - once you’re in profit, it’s SIMPLE to scale this method with paid ads for PREDICTABLE profits
  • Automated Profits - your campaigns run on 100% autopilot to constantly generate fresh leads & commissions

More KEY Point of Traffic Multiplier!

  • ALL The Software You Need - On Us!
  • We’ve found - and tested - FREE SOLUTIONS that can make YOU money without paying a dime upfront.
  • Powerful page-building software with ALL the features of expensive alternatives - 100% FREE
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  • An amazing autoresponder for collecting email leads and sending emails to your subscribers - ALSO 100% FREEimages


BABO – Is it Worth It?

Many members of particular affiliate or mlm programs
promote the same exact page. After seeing the same
page promoted over and over again, it gets kind of boring
and very very easy for the viewer to ignore after a while.

Wouldn't you agree then that by creating your own
"interesting" and "impressive" splash would be the logical
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If so, then wouldn't you think it necessary and wise to 
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Well then, that is where BABO can help.

With BABO you get to create your own interesting,
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By branding your pages with YOU, your prospects get to
see the person behind the promotion and will be more apt
to join you in your particular venture as a result. On the
other hand, they may just decide to get their own BABO
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Great Tips For Learning How To Market Your Articles

Article marketing includes writing quality content and sharing it online, for instance by using article directories. You can use articles to draw traffic to your site and to generate some interest for your products or services. This usually won’t cost you anything to do, and you can typically put your own link towards the end of your piece. You can submit as many articles as you want and even spin articles to maximize your submissions.

One essential tip to having success in Internet marketing is to properly complete a title tag on your website. You must insert a keyword or keyword phrase. It also should describe your page so that it is distinct from title tags used for other sites.

Businesses can use article marketing through blogs as a creative and affordable way to attract attention to what they offer. There are many free hosts that are designed for blogging and it is a great way to engage your customers and receive feedback about your business. This is the simplest way to start a conversation with your readers.

Inject a bit of yourself into each article you write. Be original and use your personality to create great content. Write about what you honestly know and your authenticity will set you apart. Your targeted readers will be much more likely to visit again.

By putting your focus into a single keyword per article, you will be able to increase sales. Use the keyword in the title, header, and sub-headings as well as in the URL, if possible. Also, use the keyword throughout the body of the article. That way, your article will be easy to find in a search, which should generate increased traffic and sales.

You should not worry about your word count until you have an advanced draft of your article. The author should have a sense about how long the article should be when writing it. Take the time to edit your articles to get rid of any unnecessary sentences so your article is shorter.

Don’t use automatic writing services in your article marketing attempts. They can give you lots of articles, but the quality may not be so good. Depending on the service you choose, you might end up with a lot of filler content and bad English. Write your own content for the best quality articles.

Avoid falling victim to the old adage “monkey sees, monkey do.” If you are different, you will be better at marketing. It is easy to filter out duplicated content. Keep your content original.

You can find sites that will pay for your article based on how many views or clicks it receives. These can be lucrative, but it largely will depend on how much promotion you do to bring people to your article to bump up the views. After a while, this can start earning you a lot of money.

Article directories help people pursuing article marketing find more readers. This is a free and easy method for boosting your chances of success. The more you work on your article marketing campaign, the better of a chance you’ll have to be successful. There is quite a bit that goes into this kind of marketing, so use the advice from the article you read and be successful!


10 Commandments Of Profit Building

There are 1000 things in our lives that we never see until we need something in them. “Niches are like bathrooms; you never notice one until you need it.” -Primm (The Niche Man)

#1 The person who finds a new niche claims the cream of the financial awards.

Gates built a platform for computers to operate on and made billions. Someone made pulpless orange juice.

It’s shocking at how few books are written on the subject of niche buildings. An under marketed niche is worth a billion-dollar marketing campaign.

#2 The best niches are built on the foundations of success.

A niche is a new idea, but it is marketed on a foundation that has been proven successful. Never think that a new product is all you need. You also need a strong marketing platform.

#3 The best new product is an old one that has been adopted.

The simplest way to create a new idea is to do what others have been doing for years and improve it. Adapting a current product to solve more problems and add more value for the money.

#4 The best way to increase profit is by adding to a current product.

The best selling product can be improved by adding something to it. This is a twist on the adaptation principle. Both adding and adapting products that are currently big sellers is one way to increase profit.

#5 Two is always better than one.

Combining two products that complement each other is a way to let business owners increase the price of both – even if both products are currently on the market. Convenience sells. People would rather buy a product that is adapted to improve its effectiveness, has something added to increase value, and then is combined with something that improves its usefulness.

#6 Customize the product.

Too much choice can lose the sale. However, offering a customized program will increase sales. A company that sells ‘how to start a business’ products can increase sales by directing customers to a work at home, small business, and big business packages.

#7 Give people a chance to grow with the product.

People hate change. That is why computer programs have plug-ins, expansions, and upgrades. In truth, it would cost nothing to package the original program in every new version. However, people would be more likely to change products if they believe that they are getting a whole new package. However, loyalty is built if they believe they are improving their ‘tried and true’ product.

#8 Entertainment sells.

Entertainment has become a focal point of our culture. Many people need to be entertained, amused, or fascinated before they spend their money. A relaxed customer spends more. A few ‘tools’ that entertain customers before they buy can make a big difference when it comes to their attitude when hit with the ‘buy now’ decision.

#9 Guarantees and Promises sell.

Consumers want to know how long their product will last and what they can expect. If people can expect to live longer, happier, wealthier, or with less work, then they will buy the product.

#10 Freedom

People hate to be tied down. They are always looking for anything that will break their chains and set them free.

Bringing together as many of the 10 commandments of Profit Building will help business owners improve their bottom line, and build their own wealth.


10 Reasons Why People Fail At Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is one of the fastest-growing and profitable businesses today. It is an excellent way for anyone to start a small business with little investment, no overhead, and high-profit margins. Anyone can get up and running with an in hours. Sounds like an easy way to make money, doesn’t it? Compared to other offline small business ventures, it is.

Yet internet marketing failures still vastly outnumber those who have succeeded in internet marketing. For every story, you hear of someone making $10,000 a month at internet marketing there are hundreds of untold stories of those who failed to make a profit or only made a few dollars and then quit. Why do so many fail when the potential to succeed is high?

1. Failure to plan – No matter what type of business you are running you need a business plan with well-defined goals. What are your short-term and long-term goals? What steps do you need to take to meet those goals? Write out your plan and review it frequently. You are running a small business. Treat it as one.

2. Failure to work the plan – So you already have a business plan? Are the following it? A plan means nothing if you don’t follow it. Work the plan every single day. Revise it if necessary but don’t detract from it.

3. Making goals too big early on – Many internet marketing failures try to do too much too fast. You are not going to create the ultimate website for dog lovers overnight. Start small with dog training tips and add content daily. Those 1,000+ page websites took months or years to build, so will yours.

4. Lack of knowledge – Would you be a successful plumber without knowing anything about plumbing? No. Then to be a successful internet marketer you need to learn internet marketing. Find a successful mentor willing to help you and you will be way ahead of the crowd.

5. Not investing in your business – You won’t get any support or very much web traffic on with a free web host. Many times, the best ebooks, scripts, and tools are the ones that cost money. You can run an online business for next to nothing but
you’ll achieve faster and more profitable results by investing in the right tools.

6. “If I build it, they will come” – You can have the most comprehensive and informative website on natural healing in the world but if you don’t promote your site and work to drive traffic to it no one will know about it. There are many ways to drive traffic to your website. You should be using several of them.

7. Lack of patience – You will not be making $10,000 a month when you start. Internet marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes time and testing to build your web traffic and increase your conversion rate. In the beginning you might actually lose money and this is when too many people give up without giving their business time to grow.

8. Wrong niche – So you wrote that ebook on underwater basket weaving and you’re wondering why nobody is buying it? Find a niche but make sure it’s profitable first. Too many times people create the product first then try to figure out how to sell it. Find out what the people want then give or sell it to them.

9. No Uniqueness – There are a million low carb diet books out there, what makes yours so unique? Why should I buy your widget when Bob’s widgets are just as good and he’s been selling widgets a lot longer than you? Stand out from the crowd and get noticed. Know your competition and do what they do better or do something totally different.

10. Lack of commitment – To be successful, you must be committed to success. Behind every success story there are many hours of work and dedication. You’ll need drive and determination if you want to be the next internet success story everyone is talking about.

Everyday review your online business and make sure you are not making any of these mistakes. Do this and you are well on your way to being an internet marketing success.


Cost Effective Online and Offline Advertising


For a small business, it can be hard at times to justify allocating funds to marketing. But just because big competitors spend millions on advertising doesn’t mean you need to follow suit. Take advantage of the many ways to advertise your business for very low costs, or better yet, FREE!

Online Marketing

  • Websites are a necessity for any size business. Imagine your store is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week! The internet is everywhere – laptops, cell phones, and tablets. Consumers are researching and shopping all hours of the day. Create a professional website with the help of a web designer or check into a hosting company that offers free support. Just having one adds legitimacy to your business.
  • Facebook and other networking sites offer free business pages to promote your company. Interact with viewers by posting comments and questions in the news feeds. Upload pictures to show the world what you have to offer. Giving your business a personality can drive customers to you, and help develop brand identity.
  • If done correctly, the targeted use of paid advertising can be successful. Different models exist, such as Pay Per Click, Cost Per Million, and Cost Per Action, that may suit your business well. Successfully reaching your demographics with these potentially inexpensive online advertising techniques could go a long way.
  • Free Business Directories can help your business get noticed by major search engines. Once your website is up and running you have to get people to visit it, especially if you’re revenue model is e-business. Start with local community and trade affiliations, memberships often include a free listing on their website. Google your business name and you may find public listings that you can claim and customize for free.
  • Emails are a great way to keep in contact with interested prospects and current customers. Create a monthly newsletter that provides the reader with helpful information that ties in with your business.

Offline Marketing

Business cards can give more details than just your name, address, and phone. Printing both sides of your business card will tell your potential customers more about you. Folding cards can open to show your complete product lines and services. They can be inexpensive, or even free. Hand them out to anyone you come into contact with that may be able to give your business

Yellow page listings are still used by a number of potential customers without internet access. Years ago, businesses were judged by the size of their yellow page ad. Today yellow page listings provide only the basic information about the company. Who (company name), what (the company provides), where (physical and internet address) and how (to contact, phone#, email).

  • Vehicle advertising gives your business a rolling billboard. Try dressing up your delivery vehicle with magnetic signs or professional vinyl decals. To really get your message across, consider wrapping the complete vehicle. It’s a unique way of advertising that’s hard to ignore, especially during rush hour traffic. Be sure to keep vehicles clean and rust free, though – your image depends on it.
  • Promotional printed products, such as pens and giveaway items, can be excellent reminders for your customers. Trade shows are a great way to get prospective customers to come to you. Presenting your visitors with a token gift is a wonderful way to say thank you.
  • Newspaper ads can be costly and many times unread. However, you can receive free publicity with press releases. Let your community know you are new in town. Perhaps you just attended a conference or received an award; let everyone know about your accomplishments.
  • Radio spots can be paid for with trade if your business provides something the station could benefit from. If your business is consumer driven, gift certificates that the radio station can use as prizes can offset the cost.
  • There are many coupon packet companies eager to add you to their envelope. Check how they obtain their mailing list, quantity sent out and quality of their printed ads. Some companies offer a mention in radio ads.

Advertising takes time and money. Find out what works best for you by tracking the results of each advertising method. Ask the customer how he found you, use a unique code for each ad and record it on the customer’s invoice.


Common social media marketing mistakes from businesses

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Social media has emerged as one of the most popular marketing strategies for small businesses.

The proliferation of the internet and its various emerging social media networks, coupled with the mass migration of consumers into the digital and online spheres, has necessitated the adoption of a solid social media marketing strategy. However, simply making a Facebook page or Twitter account does not qualify as a well thought out and effective marketing tactic. In fact, more important than what to do for social media marketing is what not to do. Here are some common mistakes that marketers often make when adopting a social media strategy.

Unrealistic expectations

One popular axiom about the internet is that, despite its wild success, monetization of content on the internet remains relatively nascent. Businesses and marketers have yet to find definitive ways to generate revenue from their various online offerings, and social media is no different. According to Target Marketing Magazine, many marketers have the wrong expectations about their involvement in a social media network. Marketing is generally faith-based, focusing on intangible outcomes such as brand loyalty and reinforcement. Expecting social marketing to lead to sales requires a change in expectations, as well as a process mentality that can generate tangible outcomes, such as increased revenue and sales.

Keeping a finger on the pulse

One of the basic tenets of comedy is the importance of knowing your audience, and marketers are no different. Without having a clearly defined consumer base, and the proper well-rounded understanding of said consumers, marketers are likely doomed from the start. Social Media Today reports that there is no point in building a social media presence if your company’s fans and customers are not using the various networks to engage with you. Before rolling out a multichannel social media marketing campaign, it is imperative that businesses perform their due diligence in the form of market research.

Once it is determined that your fans are involved on social media networks, the next step is to engage with them actively, rather than passively. Simply posting status updates and promotional information is not likely to result in positive conversion rates. Instead, challenge your fans and show them that a level of mutual respect exists by not pandering to them, but rather by engaging with them in an interactive manner.


Want to Be Successful? Quit Slacking Off.

How-to-Be-Successful-880x450It’s sort of interesting how much time everyone spends reading and writing about the habits of really successful people when I can tell you the one thing that sets them apart in one little phrase: They’re not slackers.

And the sad truth, the enormous elephant in the room that nobody wants to see, is that the overwhelming majority of you are never going to get there because you spend way too much of your time slacking off.

I know you don’t want to hear this, but if I don’t tell you, who will? Let’s just look at the facts, OK?

Elon Musk runs two companies, Tesla and SpaceX. Those are two full-time jobs. The guy barely has time to sleep. I hear he gets six hours a day on average.

Steve Jobs also ran two companies, at least for a time. It’s pretty well documented that, aside from his family, his work was his great passion and what he spent the vast majority of his time doing.

Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Tim Cook, Starbucks founder Howard Schultz, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer — those are just a handful of entrepreneurs and executives who are famous workaholics. The truth is, every successful person I’ve ever known — and I’ve known plenty — had to work ridiculously hard to get there.

I may not be famous, but to those who know me, I’m a famous workaholic. I love my work and I love to work. I’m currently writing my first book in addition to my regular job. We’re talking six months working seven days a week. I can’t keep that up forever but I do it when I have to without a second thought, as I’ve done my entire career.

Now let’s talk about you. If you add up all the time you spend reading books, blogs, and articles; watching videos, podcasts, webinars, and seminars, and posting, tweeting, messaging, and connecting, how many hours a day on average do you think it comes to?

This is not a rhetorical question. I actually want you to take a minute, think about it and take a stab. I would guess the average among this audience would be measured in hours. Not minutes, hours. That’s hours out of every day. And that can make the difference between being successful and not.

Funny thing is, a lot of what people say they’re doing online is learning to be more effective and productive. You’ve got to marvel at the irony.

If I wasted all that time on all that stuff I wouldn’t have accomplished nearly as much in my career, I would never have ended up as successful as I have, and my life wouldn’t have been so fulfilling. And I’m sure the same is true of every highly accomplished executive and entrepreneur.

The reason is simple. If you want to do great work and have a great life, those two goals will occupy more or less all your time. Everyone talks about being successful and happy these days. Well, those are the results of doing great work and living a great life. They’re not the result of screwing around and calling it to work.

Look, of course, we all need hobbies. We all need downtime. We all need to have fun. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve been an avid reader all my life — just not business or self-help books. I mostly read literature, novels, and sci-fi. I also cook, drink wine, watch movies, run, shoot hoops, cut down trees, and grow fruit. That’s my downtime.

The thing is, most of the time you spend online isn’t really downtime. It doesn’t relax you. It’s not healthy. If anything it revs you up and makes you anxious. It’s mostly a distraction, instant gratification and a poor excuse for not working. And you know what that’s called? Slacking off. Once in a while is cool. Hours a day is not.

This is not rocket science, folks, just simple cause, and effect. It takes a lot of time and hard work over the long haul to be successful. It just does. If you want to be successful, you’ve got to quit slacking off all the time. Simple as that.


7 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do


If every entrepreneur thought of himself as a startup founder, there would be a lot more successful startups and a lot fewer failed entrepreneurs.

The problem is they don’t.

For some reason I can’t understand, many would-be entrepreneurs have a sort of utopian belief that the rules of business, finance, and competitive markets don’t apply to them. They think they’re special.

Sadly, they’re wrong.

I don’t care what product or service you have in mind, what market you plan to address, or what type of customer you think you’re going to sell to. It makes no difference. The rules are always the same.

The good news is it isn’t rocket science, but if you don’t do certain things and do them right, you’ll never get your startup off the ground.

Focus on doing just one thing.

Initially, they focus on demonstrating a concept. Then they move on to developing a product, followed by getting initial customer traction, then phased production. A laser focus on one phase at a time enables the highest probability of success at the lowest burn rate.

Raise capital all the time.

Most companies that contact me for advice have no chance of making it because they tried to bootstrap it, are already short on cash and have no time to raise capital. Businesses have to grow and that can’t happen unless you’re constantly raising capital for the next phase.

Solve a big customer problem.

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is that they come up with something they want to do that doesn’t solve a big customer problem better than anyone else. If you can’t come up with that, keep looking. That’s the key to making it. First figure out the problem. Then solve it.

Come up with a differentiated strategy.

You probably won’t nail it right out of the gate – few startups do – but sooner or later you’ll have to come up with a unique strategy that nobody’s thought of and customers can’t resist. Every startup either figures it out eventually or fails along the way. It’s one or the other.

Know their market.

Most entrepreneurs are good at something and they want to turn it into a business. Unfortunately, they don’t know the business side. They just think that, if they do it, it will sell. Unfortunately, that’s not how competitive markets work. You have to understand your market, your competitors and your unique customer value proposition.

Have a strong leader with a solid team.

There are basics of project management and building and motivating a team that every founder has to learn to successfully run a venture. I see startups with founders that have no idea how to manage an enormous gaping hole where key capabilities need to be all the time. Sad but true.

Work 24×7 and wear lots of hats.

If you think you have what it takes to run a startup, get ready to work 24×7 and wear all sorts of hats. And everyone you hire should be motivated to do the same. It comes with the territory. If that workaholic energy level isn’t there, chances are you’re not going to make it.

A recent, albeit limited, the survey found that the vast majority of Millennials think entrepreneurship is a mindset that has nothing to do with starting or running a business. Um … no. It has everything to do with starting and running a company. And if you think it doesn’t, you never will.