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GDI Action Power Team!

time-2-1038x576My name is Marija and I am a Team Leader for "GDI Team Elite".

First I'll tell you a little about who we are...
Most of us have joined GDI or other Network opportunities
under some "gurus" system that promises the world but is generally lacking in helping the average person succeed. 

Normally they have some expensive marketing system that
THEY make money from for you to join but after weeks or
months of paying and promoting a generic affiliate page,
the new person has lost money and received a few results.

The "guru" is so busy recruiting for THEMSELVES that they
don't provide support for their own lines and eventually people give up and quit. The only person that makes any
money is the "guru"!

We reject that (10)

Now, I would like you to play with some numbers.

Go to the GDI Income Calculator.

Statistically, the average marketer recruits 2 people. That's just a fact.
So Plug "2" in "# of People You May Recruit"
Plug "2" in "# of people they will refer"
That would give you a monthly income of $62.....hmmm...less than impressive.

Now plug "6" into both fields......$9,330 per MONTH!
Now THAT is a liveable income and is the goal for

"Well that is all fine and dandy, but how can that be accomplished?'

By doing something very few (if any) marketers have done before.

First of all, we promote GDI using a system of collective advertising
where a Group of 6 or more people all advertise for a single individual.
Each person uses 100 credits in each of 6 traffic exchanges per day
for a total per day of 3600 credits all advertising a single person.
When that person gets 6 recruits  he stops accepting new sign-ups for
himself and instead focuses on signing up 6 for each of his 6.

Of course, the exact formula and instructions remain confidential until
you are an active part of our (12)

Does it work? Absolutely! 36-48 traffic exchanges and 3600-4800 credits per day will result in 6 sign ups in a very short period of time. 

Why do we only get 6? Go back up to the GDI Calculator above and plugin 6 and 6 again. Each member can make $9330 per month by only having 6 on their front line, then helping those 6 get 6, and so on.
And how long does it take? That is impossible to say. Anyone that tells
you that you will make X amount of dollars in X amount of time
is purely guessing.....What if it takes a year? Or 2 years?
Would you be willing to work cooperatively with 6-8 people for a 6-figure income?

I CAN guarantee you it will happen a LOT quicker with our Team than
on your own!
 Or the giant Teams all promoting a rotator.

Think it takes longer to climb a 50-100 rung ladder....or a 6-12 rung ladder?

Our Team has qualified members for the GDI Leader Board
and a $100 Bonus! They have received their 6 members
in 7 days or less......You could be next!


There is NO CHARGE to be a member of our Team!
Your only expense is the $10 monthly GDI subscription.
With the growth we are experiencing, you should be
making more than that in 8-12 weeks and after that
your income will increase exponentially!

Already in GDI but going nowhere? Get back to me and I'll be happy to send you the info on what others have done in your situation.

In the short term, GDI will allow you to sign up a spouse.

Their rules state "one account per individual"

If you are tired of "going it alone" and understand that you help yourself by helping others, then email us back and let us know you are ready to join with us and we will provide you with the sign-up link for the person that is currently being promoted.

simply send an email here:

with the Subject: Send me the Link!images (13)

If you have more questions, email us and we will gladly answer them.

We are having fun and we are having success!
We hope you will join us and experience the same!

To Your Success!